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As a personal injury lawyer in Madison and Jefferson County, IN, I am passionate about practicing Personal Injury law. Unfortunately, it suffers from a major image problem. And I always brace for impact when I tell people what I do. Some Personal Injury lawyers have denigrated our business in the eyes of all onlookers. I am on a grass-roots mission to reform its image through the manner in which I practice and advertise personal injury. To that end, I have joined William Prime in creating Prime & Flores. A partnership dedicated to the practice of personal injury. You can visit our site at

PersonaI Injury work utilizes the skills we cherish. Assessing the credibility and sincerity of those who call upon us, and persuasive communication. No matter how good the case, we won't take it if we don't believe in the client. Ultimately, we stake our reputation upon our clients with insurance adjustors, and sometimes a jury. Our reputation is the core of who we are, and nothing will entice us to sacrifice it.

To our friends who are attorneys, We hope you will follow our lead. To those that aren't, we hope this will cause you to scoff at the 1-800-INJURED marketing messages out there & share the message to demand better from this profession.

Sincerely, Jeff Flores

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