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Uzi Nissan

An interesting “David vs. Goliath” story. Read it here: NCC Help.

GAO: Some debt-settlement schemes worse than useless

The U.S. Government Accountability Office last week announced the results of an undercover investigation of the debt-settlement industry that it conducted at the request of a Congressional committee concerned about allegations that such companies commonly charge fees in advance of settling debts, sometimes without providing any services in return.

Read the full story from Consumer Reports Money & Shopping Blog.

Lender Forges Foreclosure Docs & Lies About Amounts Borrowers Owe

A federal bankruptcy judge concluded that the mortgage servicing company, Lender Processing Services (LPS.N),  deliberately committed fraud on the court in a foreclosure case, by giving false testimony and submitting a “sham” affidavit. The written opinion also sharply criticized the entire mortgage servicing industry, stating “One too many times, this Court has been witness to the shoddy practices and sloppy accountings of the mortgage service industry.”  Alarmingly, LPS, has handled about half of all foreclosures in the United States, in recent years. They will be back in court next month to face sanctions.

Read the full story from Reuters . . .

Couples Living Together

Is there a place for common law marriage, or do Cohabitation agreements suffice? An interesting article about what can happen when a couple decides to split up after living together for a long time. It’s just like a divorce, but in Indiana there is no common law marriage, so what do you do?

Read “It’s like a divorce, without the marriage” by USA Today

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